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June 7, 2011

A cover letter as the name depicts acts as a covering or an attached letter to any other letter, document, resume or CV.  Though the cover letter is mainly attached with the resume or employment letter but there are many other types of cover letters like legal cover letters, marketing cover letters, sales cover letters and many other Sample Letters

The cover letter helps the receiver to get the first hand and instant information regarding the detailed content of the attached letter or document.  It acts as a marketing tool for the purpose of the letter or the attached document. Besides this, cover letter also acts as a tool of communication for the intangibles which are not available through the actual content letter.

Thus a cover letter is a very important letter that provides various benefits. A cover letter should always be written in a tone which covers the enthusiasm of the writer. There are some important factors which should be considered while drafting a cover letter and these are as follows:

Always try to address the cover letter to an individual by his/her name
The first paragraph of the cover letter should be attractive enough so as to get the immediate attention of the reader.
Then mention the main purpose of writing the letter
Mention about the attached letter or the document for which you are sending the cover letter
Avoid any negative statements, spelling and grammatical errors.
Finally mention that you will follow up with your cover letter and also do so.

Thus keeping these things in mind one can draft a good Sample cover letter for variety of purpose. Here we will be discussing about various samples of cover letters that an individual might need to draft in various situations and circumstances.



Download Sample cover Letter In Word Format

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