Delivery Cancellation Letter

May 12, 2011

Ms. Parama Hiten

Sales Manager

Plasticwares Co.

Power House Road,
Jodhpur – 342001

March 16, 2011

Mr. Nambi Elango

Sales Manager

Great Quality Clothing

Shastri Circle, Jodhpur

Dear Mr. Elango,

I am sorry to inform you but please cancel the delivery of the 1,000 pieces of white shirts that we purchased from your company last week.  The company management has decided that we will no longer be printing white shirts for uniforms of our employees.  Instead, we will be having uniforms custom-made by another company.  Our president has expressed disagreement over the quality of the shirts that we purchased, thus the change in the plan.  We will, however, be paying you thirty percent of the price of the purchase as stated in your company policy over cancellation of deliveries.

We hope that this will not mar our good business relations.  We have been purchasing products from you and you are still one of our choices in other possible purchases.

Thank you.


Ms. Parama Hiten


Downloand Seminar Cancellation Letter In Word Format

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