now he is gone

June 28, 2011

Dear Nicholas

You were my first love and so far my only.
we were perfect together. we were never seen apart. you use to wait with me after school till my mum came. you would make me do special.and hold me so close to you it made me feel liek i was on top of the world.your kisses so sweet your hands so warm. you hugs so tight. i was in a fairy tale when i was with you. but we broke up and things changed. one minute you hated me the next you loved me. you found new girls and i found a new boy. but we still called each other at crazy timesof the night and went to the movies. i wantedto kiss you so bad and i no you wanted to kiss me but we couldnt and it was hard.but now you are so mean to me but tell people you still like me.its so confusing i dotn get it. every moment i spend thinking of you. of what we use to be. every song reminds me of you.

but now i just sit and wonder if theres still a spark between me and you.
i love you .your the love of my life
and my one and only
Love You x

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