To Be With You Again

June 27, 2011

Dear Scott,

I have so many things that I would love to share with you. I am scared, for many years have gone by and I am still so in love with you. I miss you so much and pray that one day we will be able to start off from where we left off.

I am unsure how you feel for me. I wish somehow I could find a way to find out. I am extremely shy to express my feelings to you. I see you often. I think about you constantly and I always have you on my mind. I wonder what we could share together. I always think of if you are living a happy life.

To be with you I will always hold in my wildest dreams. You hold a very genuine love in my heart. I love you still. No matter how long it shall take to hold and kiss you again, I will always have the need for your love in my life. This would take a miracle to come true. I know you are out there. I would die to be with you again.



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