Don’t Forget Me

June 28, 2011

With much inclination to life’s sense of fairness, I’d like to put it all down in words. Before I begin, I’d like to tell you I love you!!! And I remain true to every letter of it.

You remain the love of my life, and I’ll only stop loving you when you tell me to cease loving you. It is never be easy, I know… I’ve embraced changes with you, and I began seeing life with you. But then again, love has to work two ways. I won’t be clinging to something that’s not for me, and settling for something I only deserve is always fair enough for me.

Before you came into my life, I’m carrying along my past with me. I was never perfect, never been a god of best things. And I will never be perfect, for no one will be. I may have difficulties dealing with things that happened before, whether within the bounds of my will or not, but then life is a true beauty for everyone. It always brings realization for wrong-doings, it hones everyone’s dream. And to focus on what lies ahead is always one great moment to look forward to. I won’t be wallowing on the errors of the past, I can tell everyone my story, but whatever it was that happened before remains undoable. It can only be rectified by the future.

It’s always hard to tell someone your dark sides, and being accepted for what and who you are is another hard thing to do. I never dreamt of the temporal things, for it would only give temporary gladness. Since I was younger I learned to be happy with what I have. Enjoying life with the simplest things is best. But enjoying simple things with the one you love upkeeps the imperfection.

When I started dreaming with you, I set aside all my personal dreams. For dreaming is never be as happy as with someone I love and that’s you. But life offers no assurance, no matter how great the plan is or how grand the scheme we got, hindrances would come to knock us down. And so I have to stand amid any of life’s given tribulation. Like the way I want to stand by you.

Baby, I was never impeccable, but when you walked into my life you complete me. You make me feel blessed, and your love leads me to the road of happiness. Everyday, every moment, every single second, just a thought of you makes my world go around with euphoric revolution.

I’ll continue holding your hand till the world sets itself in a place I don’t know. Now when you touch my hand and let it go, I won’t say no. All I want is your happiness, I want to see you smiling all throughout your lifetime.

Far out there, someone better is deserving of your love. Way up there, somebody is more ideal than what I got. But with all of these things, with all the lies that world can give. One thing remains so true. One thing till death I know I will treasure and won’t make me feel blue.

I’ll keep on saying, never ending…Baby… I love you!!!


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