Service Introduction Letter

June 18, 2011

Charles Goodwill,

TESCO & Co.,

18 June 1998

Mr. Fred Allwyn,

Marketing Head,

LT Limited,

Bond Street,


Dear Mr.Allwyn,

I thank you for your close association with our company in the past. We appreciate the quality business you have done with us. The sale of our water filter has more than tripled after you have started marketing for us.As a token of appreciation our company has decided to offer you a service agreement for the repair and maintenance of the water filter supplied by us. This agreement includes a two year service plan to the customers who buy our product through you.I would appreciate it if given a chance to have a discussion on this at the earliest possible time convenient to you. You can call me anytime after tomorrow to propose a date for the same. It has always been a pleasure to work with you.


Charles Goodwill,

General Manager.


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