CV Introduction Letter

June 18, 2011

xMs. Rupali Ganguly,


May 16, 2001

Ms. Veda Kapoor,

Recruiting Manager,

Quality Inc.,

Palki Bazaar, New Delhi.

Dear Ms. Kapoor,

This is with reference to your advertisement in the employment website asking for Software Engineers for your company. I, Rupali Ganguly forward my candidature for the same.
I am interested in joining your company and I carry with me the required education and experience you are looking for, for the position. I am willing to relocate upon need and I am good at meeting targets. I also forward a reference from Mr. Sandeep Chotali, Senior Sales Head, Quality Inc., for the same post.
In this regard I have enclosed my CV and I await further correspondence. I would consider it to be highly prestigious if I am associated with your company. Thanks for your time.

Ms.Rupali Ganguly,
Software Engineer.


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