Company Introduction Letter Template

June 18, 2011

Your Name,

Your Address.

Date (Day Month Year) or (Month, Day Year)

E.g. 26 January 2005 (or) January, 26 2005

Name (With Salutation Mr.Ms.Mrs),




E.g. Mr. Jonathan Smith,

Managing Director,

Essex and Co.,

Washington DC.

Dear (Salutation) (Last Name),

E.g. Dear Mr.Smith,

Introduce the company to the receiver. Be brief about the company.
In the second paragraph, talk in brief about the achievements and the future plans of the company. Explain the actual purpose of writing to the receiver.
Finally in the last paragraph, end the letter with thanks and regards to the receiver.

Closing should be done with “Sincerely”

Signature with designation.

E.g. John Doe,


CMC Limited.

If there are enclosures they need to be mentioned at the end stating the number.

E.g. Enclosures (3)


Download Company Introduction Letter Template In Word Format

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