Article Inquiry Letter

June 17, 2011

Prof. Gulab Madugula

498 Civil lines, Kanpur

October 9, 2010

Mr. Nauhar Jeevan

Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur

Dear Mr. Jeevan,

I read the article that you wrote in the local paper last week about the state of education in the country.  I interest was piqued by your article since I am a teacher and I am currently taking up my doctorate degree.  My thesis is focused on the national education system, how it works, and whether it is effective in reaching the goal of providing quality education to the country’s youth.
I would like to inquire about several of the information that you stated in your article.  Firstly, what is the source of the information that you wrote in your article?  I would like to find out more about how teachers perceive the current state of education based on the interviews that you made.  Secondly, do you have other data on hand that would verify the conclusions that you wrote in the article?
I hope that you would be able to respond to my inquiries as it would be very helpful in my study.

Thank you.

Prof. Gulab Madugula


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