Fax Congratulations Letter

June 13, 2011

Ms. Deshna Gowda


Chopra Magazine

10th Main Sreenagar


Ms. Devaki Dwivedi

Agra Cannt


Fax # No: 65789453

Dear Ms. Dwivedi:

Let me extend our congratulations to you for the article that you have contributed.  It will be published by our magazine in its issue next month.  We have found the article you wrote, “Motherhood Pains and Gains,” very interesting and a good read.  It is well-written and creative while truly showing the emotions and wealthy experience of a mother of six children.  We are sure that our readers will enjoy reading your article.  The editors have also discussed your article and would like to offer you another chance to have another article published soon.  We would like you to share more of your experience about the financial side of raising six children.  If you are open to our offer, please inform us soon so we could schedule an appointment with you to further discuss the details of the said article.  Thank you.


Deshna Gowda


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