Fax Information Letter

June 13, 2011

Ms. Devina Dubashi


Agra Institute

Prithiviraj Road


Mr. Abhidi Iyengar


Abhidi Inc.

Guruppan Palya


Fax No#: 453678909

Dear Mr. Iyengar:

We would like to inform you that five of the ten desktop computers you have delivered to our school last week are not functioning well.  The said computers have defective screens and keyboards.  Some of the letters on the keyboards do not function.  We have already had the computers checked by our technician but he has informed us that the problem is in the computer parts.  Please have the defective computers replaced within the week as it is needed for computer classes that we have everyday.  Our agreement states that replacement for defective units will not be charged extra for delivery.  If you need more information, you may call us.  We hope you look into this matter and immediately act in response.  Thank you.


Devina Dubashi


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