I am so sorry

June 30, 2011

Dear Christina Hayden
i just wanted to tell you how sorry i am! fior hurting you and breasking your heart!
i accept all reposibility and i just wanted you to know that i never meant that to happen!
you always meant the world to me and you still do! nothing would make me happier than knowing that you are happy!
Everything you did to keep me away- i deserved and i want you to know that i hold no grudge- i am thankful for it! In the end all that matters to me is your happiness and if it means i suffer -then so be it-it is a price i will willingly pay!
I cant tell you this personally so hopefull this will one day reach you at the right time!
All that happened was my fault and i was insensitive. I am deeply and sincerely sorry and i am asking you for your forgiveness. i made a very big mistake. I am a complete fool. i had no sense. I am sorry! I hope you find happiness and hold onto it!
Love always


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