Will You Forgive me

June 30, 2011

Dear Christina Hayden
i just wanted to tell you how sorry i am for hurting you and breaking your heart!

i accept all reposibility for everything that happened and i just wanted you to know that i never meant that to happen! There was no one as important to me as you! And i still always think of you!

My greatest Joy was to see a smile on your beautiful face. To see you always meant the world to me!

You still remain a gem in my heart and that feeling has never diminished for even a slight secound!

And after all the hurt i caused you , i know it is hard to beleive anything i say and i understand that fully! But i hope you take these words as the truth as to how i feel and how sorry i am!

I still love you and will never stop loving you-no matter what!

And nothing would make me happier than knowing that you are happy and have all you want in life!

i also wanted you to know that everything you did to keep me away- i deserved and i want you to know that i hold no grudges of any kind- i am thankful to you for all of it! (everything was my fault-all you ever did was be good to me and love me)

In the end all that matters to me is your happiness and if it means i suffer and i never see you again -then so be it-it is a price i will willingly pay!

I cant tell you this personally so hopefull this will one day reach you at the right time! Hopefully either you or someone you know will see it and send it to you!

All that happened was my fault and i was insensitive and blind. I am deeply and sincerely sorry (and never dreamt of hurting you)and i am asking you for your forgiveness. i made a very big mistake and lost the love of my life for it. I am a complete fool. i had no sense. I am deeply sorry! I hope you find happiness and hold onto it tighty! Know that someone cares about you and thinks about you everyday-and will be there for you always-till the end of time and beyond
Love always


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