Hardship letter to mortgage company

June 17, 2011

Ms. Garima Dhatri

12 Station Road, Lucknow

March 16, 2010

Mr. Nadin Dhawan

Dhawan Mortgage Company

Colony Kanpur Road, Aashiana

Lucknow – 226012

Dear Mr. Dhawan,

I am writing this letter with regard to my housing mortgage.  I received a notification letter from your company regarding my unpaid dues this month.  It is sad for me to inform you that I recently lost my job and I will not be able to pay my mortgage next month.  I have been able to raise enough money to pay my dues this month so I will be paying my unpaid dues within the week.  However, I will not be able to pay next month unless I find a new job.  I am currently looking for a job and have already applied to several companies.  I have a positive outlook on my job applications and I hope to be able to regain my good financial status soon.

Thank you and I hope for your consideration.


Ms. Garima Dhatri


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