Fax Complaint Letter

June 13, 2011

Mr. Bahurai Dhawan

Sales Representative

Bangan Company



Mr. Abhilash Dutta


Dutta Company

Ajmer Road


Fax no #:  125673486

Dear Mr. Dutta:

I represent the sales staff who would like to bring attention to the unprofessional conduct of your team leader, Mr. Abhidi Arora.  In the past month he has been acting out of character and has been causing problems among our sales staff.  He has been been subjecting us to psychological harassment whenever we meet him in our business deals.  To cite an example, he has spoken unkind words to us and insulted each one during a recent business event.  He always criticizes us for our efforts and the good results that we were able to accomplish in terms of sales this month and he is also citing the company for making us work overtime despite us finishing our tasks and our quota on time.  Please look into this matter promptly and accordingly.  Thank you.


Bahurai Dhawan


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