Fax Announcement Letter

June 13, 2011

Ms. Dalaja Chopra

Customer Service Representative

Bangalore Bank

Devsandra Kr Puram


Ms. Darshana Devar

Kamla Nagar


Fax # 123456789

Dear Ms. Devar:

This is to announce to you about your failure to pay your monthly dues for two months already.  You still have an outstanding balance as indicated in the statement of dues sent with this letter.  As per our agreement, you will be given a warning if you fail to pay dues for two consecutive months.  If you do not pay the dues next month, you will be subject to penalties and may have to face legal action.  Please avoid undergoing these processes by  paying your dues within this month or replying to this correspondence within five days.  Indicate the reason for your delayed payment.  We will call you soon to set an appointment as soon as we receive your response.  Do not ignore this letter.


Dalaja Chopra


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