Fax Letter Template

Mr. Abdullah Bharadwaj

8th Main Mathikere


Dr. Badrinath Agarwal

Agra School

Bagh Muzzafar Khan


Fax # 123456789

Dear Mr. Agarwal:

I am sending this letter to express my interest and application to be a graduate student at your university for a Masteral degree in Microbiology.  My thesis adviser, who took his higher studies at your institution, has informed me about your school and the exceptional graduate program that you offer.  He says that your facilities and level of academic excellence is impressive and that your school provides a good learning environment that nurtures critical thinking.  I am a graduate of a prominent university here in India and I have an excellent academic record.  I also have the recommendation of my professors and the college dean here.  I am more than willing to submit the other requirements necessary for formal application upon your request.  Thank you and I hope for your positive response to my inquiry.

Yours sincerely,

Abdullah Bharadwaj


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