Student Goodbye Letter

June 16, 2011

Linda Richardson,


Green International School,

New York-11701

June 10, 2011

Dear Madam,

It has been so long since you are teaching me in the school. This is my last standard in this school and after this I will have to take admission in another school. I have already appeared the examination. So I would like to bid my hearty farewell to you and your colleagues who taught me during these five years.
I am really going to miss you all. I have learnt a lot during these five years and because of which I have been securing first rank every year. I am not going to forget your help during my hard time. You used to take my extra class when fell ill and could not come to school for a month. I would like to thank from my bottom of heart for your favor.
So I hereby bid my Goodbye to all of you and will remember you all during my lifetime. I hope that you would also keep me in your mind.

Good Bye,

Yours faithfully,

David Brown


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