Goodbye Letter to Government

June 16, 2011

Robert Williamsons,


Williamsons and Brothers Inc,


June 10, 2011

Federal Government,

Urban Development Department,


Dear Sir/Madam,

I with this letter would like to thank you to the federal government once again for showing its interest in our company for the construction of Flyover Bridge in the city. We were given this project two years before.
We have successfully completed the project within the prescribed time period. I hope that the government officials would be very happy with our work. We have built such bridge which has taken minimum possible time with minimum possible loss to the city property which was really hard for our company to achieve but we have done this.
Since the project has been completed and we have got our payment we would like to bid our farewell to the government from this work. I hope that the government would keep showing its interest in our company in future as well.


Thanking you,


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