Appreciation Letter for Project Completion


Mr Tarun Banik

Kolkata, WB

Subject: Appreciation letter for project completion

Dear Sir,

It is really admiring that you have completed the project just within the desired time frame. I must congratulate you on your great accomplishment. Today, we have seen everywhere that the most important and urgent projects are not even completed at the right time. Whereas living with such a busy schedule, you have done a miracle. I also feel proud to be associated with you in the process. This will keep a long lasting impression and joy of achieving some planned program timely. I am delighted with it.

This was a dream project for you since January this year and with your sincere efforts and positive attitude now you are here. This will  inspire the youth around  to learn from you how such an enormous job can be timely and so nicely completed. You have really done a great job. Congratulations.


Govind Patel


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