Appreciation Letter for Performance


Mr. Pragya Sen

Kolkata, W.B

Subject: Appreciation Letter for Performance

Dear Sir,

At the very starting I heartily congratulate you on your marvelous performance in the last entrance examination. I feel really proud to see you at this height of achievement.  This is something everyone at your stage dreams to achieve and what you have already surpassed. This culmination, I believe, will reach you at a very respectable position in our administrative system. Further the responsibility you will assume will be discharged at the best I know. So with me, I think the country will once feel proud with the chair adorned by you.

In this small space I also appreciate your endeavor towards accomplishment of the targeted result. This I hope will inspire your pals and juniors in taking proper steps for achieving some goals.  It is now established that genuine determination and tenacity are the right weapons to reach your target through such performance. Enjoy.


Suman Raj


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