Sample Employment Offer

June 19, 2011

HR managers
have extremely difficult jobs, but one of their easiest and most gratifying duties is delivering employment offers. You can simplify this process further by using a form letter that can be sent to any selected candidate. Just fill in the blanks and mail (or email) this congratulatory letter with pride and confidence. This form letter will prevent any delays in contacting your chosen applicants.

Dear _____________,

After a thorough review of your resume and references, I am happy to inform you that [Company Name] is ready to offer you a position as a [Job Title]. Many candidates applied for this position, but we believe that you are the most qualified. If you accept this offer, the company will provide the following compensation package: [describe compensation package].

Please contact me to confirm that you are still interested in this position and to accept the offer officially. If I do not hear from you within seven (7) days, then I will select another candidate to fill the position. Congratulations, and welcome to the team!



Download Sample Employment Offer In Word Format

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