Advised Letter of Credit


Subject:  Credit Card Payment Options

San Diego Gas and Electric Company (SDG&E) filed Advice letter 1234-G/5689-A to seek approval to implement a one year pilot program for providing a payment of utility bills by credit card. The advice letter was approved on November. As part of its Advice letter the San Diego Gas and Electric Company stated it would file another advice letter with in twelve months to continue its credit card payment option pilot program.

SDG&E respectfully requests that this advice letter become effective. Anyone may protest this advice letter to the California public utilities commission. The protest must be made writing and received in 20 days of the date this advice letter was filled with the commission.

In accordance with section III.G of general order No.89-A, a copy of this filing has been served on the utilities, by providing them a copy electronically or by mailing them a copy properly stamped and addressed.

J.Steve Rahon,



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