secretly loving you…

July 5, 2011

dear irresistable Judith,
spellbound with thoughs of your irresistable beautiful image i decide to transform every atoms of your beauty in words…
Never in whole life had i ever dreamt of coming across anything one-inch as beautiful as you.You are somekind of a beauty Queen envoked from a dreamland.Somuch in your natural beauty that i see as somekind of beauty queen born from the combination of beautiful people in a beautiful atmosphere….You are just so full of beauty.Your beauty is magic,and your magic poetry…Its powers can pull down the bloody moon, turn back the sun,cause rivers to flow up stream and serpents to burst asunder…Doors are no match to such spellbindings, and i believe that thoughest heart can be melted se-same by it charms…You are nothing but a goddess of beauty, too beautiful to be true, and too perfect too be a dream….
And with passionate sincererity i reveal that am haunted by your presence and thought of you constantly…Out of my shell i hold my hands and confess that am deeply in love with you… Worried that you will find my sentiments ridiculous i will not reveal my name; yet i had to let you know i adore you.

To divine beautiful Judith…
–One Who Is Too Gay…
Beauty is not God’s perfect creation
And daily you becomes lovelier to my likings-
With most irresistable delights!
Into those lips so fresly striking,
Daily lovelier to my likings
Infuse the poisons of my lips–irresistable Judith.

with love and heartfelt admirations…
De Anonymous.


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