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May 12, 2011

13th June 9, 2004

Gerhard Bonn

Personnel Manager

Daimler Chrysler

Daimler County

456 Merlot, Hilton.

Dear Mr. Bonn,

Ref: Driver Training

We wish to request for an opportunity to send our drivers for the new vehicles we purchased from your company to you for training. This is in tandem with your policy that you offer free training with every heavy vehicle purchase. Upon your consent, we plan to send over seven drivers to your premises so that they can learn how to manage these vehicles. I am aware that we only bought four vehicles but since they are heavy commercial in nature, they normally have two drivers assigned to each and I was hoping that you will allow us to have the seven drivers trained by your experts.

I would also like to request for a training schedule. This will go a long way in preparing them in advance for the training and also allow us manage their progress. We look forward to hear from you and anticipate a continued cordial relationship between our two companies. Thank you for your time.

Yours truly,

Robin Burke.


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