Meet the love of my life

July 7, 2011

It was 6:00 am and her telephone was ringing, ringing, ringing.
Denise rolled over to see who could be calling her at this ungodly hour.
It was her agent. Now, every actor knows that agents dont call you at 6:00 am unless its urgent, so she answered. Denise, how fast can you get to Oxford Studio? she heard.
Why? she asked.
Well, Ive just had a call from Powerhouse casting and apparently an actress showed up on the set of the Cadillac shoot rather tipsy, said her agent. They asked me if I could get you there quickly.
Denise says she laughed at the thought that someone would show up drunk to shoot a commercial, at 6:00 am no less.
I can get there in 45 minutes, n around her apartment grabbing a bag full of potential wardrobe changes and shoes.
I remember thinking, this is insane. What a way to make a living. I had better make good money for this one, says Denise.
When I got to the set there was an assistant that was completely crazed. He rushed me to hair and makeup, the whole time grumbling about this other actress and how he couldnt believe what shed done.
All I was thinking about was how badly I needed coffee. So I asked him to give me five minutes so I could get a cup
Are you crazy, he said. You dont have time for coffee now.
Then he rushed her to the studio and into the front seat of the Cadillac on the set.
I swear I wanted a coffee so badly I barely noticed the great looking actor who was playing my husband, says Denise.
He spoke up immediately.
Wow, two wives in one day. I am good, said Matt, and look, I havent driven you to drink yet! He pretended to drive the parked car.
That really broke the ice, says Denise. We had a great morning, and by the time lunch was served we were inseparable. It was a long shoot and I was exhausted by the end of the day. I dont think I even got a cup of coffee all day, but I did meet the love of my life.
And, says Matt, Denise realized it was a lucrative US national commercial, so it was an amazing day for both of us.
Today, we are both so pleased that you could join us in celebrating this, our most amazing day!


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