Best part of my life

July 7, 2011

It was a beautiful sunny day as Sarah pulled her car up to the gas station for refueling. She says she had the overwhelming feeling that something great was going to happen that day.
As she popped the gas cap on her car, it flipped off and began to roll across the parking lot. As she chased after it, she noticed a man chuckling away to himself as he watched her from his car.
She finally caught it and strolled back to her car feeling rather silly.
When she passed by him, the nice looking young man who had been watching her finally spoke up.
As a gentleman, I struggled with the thought of helping you or watching you. I have to say, you are nice to watch.
Sarah laughed, not the least bit insulted that Joe had admitted to watching her, so she stuck up a conversation.
As it turns out, they were both on their way to work, but both running late. Neither had called their offices to let them know.
What are you doing today? Sarah asked.
Supposed to be working, Joe answered.
Well, said Sarah. How would you like to go have coffee?
I think Id like that very much, he answered. As they headed to a local coffee shop, Sarah followed behind him.
What am I doing? she was thinking. This is not like me to just ask a stranger out. But it simply felt right.
It was the longest cup of coffee either of them had ever had.
They both ended up calling their offices to say they would not be in that day. Coffee turned into lunch, and lunch turned into dinner.
If someone had told me I would meet the love of my life at a gas station, I would have told them they were crazy, says Sarah.
I should have probably helped her chase the gas cap, says Joe,  but the way it happened was perfect. She is beautiful, and watching her was going to start my day off great. Who knew it would be the beginning of the best part of my life!
And so here we are, celebrating our marriage.
The next time you pump gas, hopefully you will think of us and you  will smile and know we are blessed that you shared in our day.

Sarah & Joe


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