You’re My Everything

July 1, 2011

Dear Precious,

You’re the bestest girlfriend ever and that’s all there is to it! Whenever I’m talking to you, I feel like the luckiest guy in the whole wide world. There’s nothing that I need to hide from you, nothing I can’t tell you; there are no uncomfortable silences, no secrets, and no reason to suspect anything unusual. Our relationship has none of the qualities that make other relationships fail – it’s almost too perfect, but just right at the same time.

We compliment each other in everything we do, making each other stronger. You’ll never forget to let me know just how much you love me and I never forget to let you know just how much I love you as well. You’re the love of my life right now and I really think you’re my soul mate.

When I think of what our lives could be like together in the future, I get butterflies and chills all over – it’s just so exciting! I think something like this does happen to everybody; I’m just so lucky it’s happened to me now.

You’ve filled all the cracks in my soul and you’ve made me a better person, Baby. If it weren’t for you, I honestly don’t think I could’ve made it to this day as successfully as I have. I love you with all my heart and soul, Baby; you know that, and Baby, don’t believe for a second that anything could change it. My happiness is prolonged only because of you.

You’re basically all I think about, Baby; when I’m not thinking about you, whatever I’m thinking about has to do with you. You’re my everything, my existence, my love, my mental status, everything, and I want to thank you for being the person you are … no matter what people say, Baby. I love you!

Love always & forever,


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