baby i love you

June 24, 2011

hey gordo,

hey baby im writing this to you because its the only way i can shoutout to the world that i love you and let the world kno that i ill love you for ever and my heart and soul will always belong to you.

Te amo y de adoro con todo mi corazon y mi amor por ti es puro y sincero. i hope this can prove to you how much i really love you, and that im not afraid for anybody to kno im trully in love with you.

i know where far away from eachother but we’ve made it through our ups and downs and we’ll make it through this too.our love u know is a one of a kind and always will there really isnt enough words to try to explain to you how much i really do love and miss you and nunca podra ver palabras que te pueden explicar lo que sienta yo por ti porque lo que siento por ti es more than words or anything can explain. i love baby and always will,love for eternity and till the day we die
love you “sexy papi”


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