My Husband

June 24, 2011

Have I told you lately how proud I am to be your wife? There are many things I do not say, but I think. I love you with all my heart and sole. I thank god every day that I was granted another hour, another day in your arms. Loving arms that take care of me when I am sick, arms that surround me in the most intimate of times. I have had your children. They are my pride and joy. When they grow up, I hope they look back and know that we loved each other so completely, that they do not settle for anything less than what we have. Thank you for being my rock, when I had no strength. Thank you for the endless hours of loving words you wispered to me. They mean more to me than you’ll ever know. With out you, I would be lost. Should I pass on before you, Know with 100 percent of your heart, that we will be reunited again. I will watch over you, guide you when you can not see, I’ll be your sun in the day, your moon in the darkest of nights, and the stars that shine down on you. I’ll be the wind in your hair, kissing your neck, caressing your body. With you I am complete. My dearest husband, I love you now and forever through eternity and back again.
your loving wife, always.


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