Cover Letter Format






Dear (Mr./Miss/Ms/ Mrs. ……….Name of Recipient),

Paragraph 1: This paragraph should offer the recipient a clear purpose for the letter. If you are applying for a job, this paragraph should let the recipient know that you are applying for a job and the exact position you are applying for. You ought to mention how you found out about the vacant position e.g. through an acquaintance, family member, advertisement in the newspaper or a job agency.
Paragraph 2: Introduce yourself to the recipient and show your prospective employer what he or she would stand to gain by giving you the position. Demonstrate your abilities and how they will meet the needs of the organization.
Paragraph 3: Conclude the letter by thanking the employer for their consideration. Include information about any documentation that may have been included in the application letter.

Yours faithfully,
Your signature
Your name


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