Cover Letter Specimen

June 7, 2011

Address Details of receiver
Contact information (City, State, Zip)
Email address


First paragraph (Introduction)

It should provoke interest on the part of the reader. Explain why you are writing the letter and show your specific interest in the organization.

Second and subsequent paragraphs (Main body)
Try to develop desire. Give specific details about your educational and expertise background that will arouse the reader to a point of considering you for the position in relation to the job requirements. Remember to remind the reader about the general information contained in the resume. Keep the story brief and to the point while articulating all your positive points

Closing paragraph (Include how you can make contact/ set up an interview)

Here, politely ask for action. You can ask for an interview or appointment and probably suggest a time when you will make contact.

Yours sincerely/ faithfully
Enc: (Enclose relevant/ supporting documentation such as curriculum vitae and references)


Download Cover Letter Specimen In Word Format

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