Training Cover Letter

June 7, 2011

Mr. Kent Jonnes

Precious Financial Services

Any, Town, MA 22145

Dear Mr.Jonnes

I’d like to respond to your advertisement on My Space Jobs in which you sought the services of a senior-level manager and trainer.

I am an accomplished trainer, advisor, facilitator, and educator with over 20 years of experience in Training and Performance, especially in corporate circles. I have successfully developed notions and ideas into workable concepts that have answered the emerging trends and needs. I steadily ensure attainment and enrichment of key competencies and skills, including implementing performance support activities.

My key competencies include an engaging and enthusiastic training style, excellent interaction, leadership, organizational, analytical, and interpersonal skills. I have the ability to strike rapport with anyone I make contact with.

I’d like to be given that opportunity to add value to Precious Financial as I have done for my previous clients. I’ll arrange for a meeting soon but should you like to contact me before, please reach me at the number above.


Stormy Rivers


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