Recommendation Cover Letter

June 7, 2011

Jack Richardson,

Avon Industries,
Milton, NY 10945.
Dear Mr. Robert Coleman,

I have been advised to write to you by Mr. David Shepard who happens to be a mutual acquaintance of both of us. I have also read numerous articles about you in different daily’s, which impressed me, a lot in many ways. I would like to meet and learn some tips regarding my new real estate venture from an experienced firm like yours, which would be very useful for an upcoming business man like me.
I am a graduate from the International School of Business which ranks first among the Business schools for past 12 years. But the reason I want to meet you is, lack of my practical experience, which I hope is in abundance in you. So if you could accept my plea and grant me an appointment I would be privileged to meet you I person and share your knowledge.
Looking forward to meet you soon.

John Travolta.


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