the love that never dies

June 24, 2011

mr. love,
so many years back, but still the memory stays as fresh as ever. this is also the month wherein i just felt you endeared feelings. at first, i just used to smile, whatever words you whispered everytime you passby my office table. i did pretend i heard nothing, but the truth was loud echo enveloped my being. i never let you know how it affected my day-to-day in the office. i just want to let myself believed that your whispers were nothings, but just a mere sound of air..until such time that i’ve found that all those made love messages in the air, were written on top of you table, in your personal notes and even in your bedrooms. i was shocked that time, when we visited you coz you got sick, i was astonished to view those bold letters accross the room. but i didn’t i just pretend there were nothing on the walls.,although your eyes following mine wherever direction i set it..with that i slowly eaten by them, i have no power to ignor but to believe in..that i couldnt resist to understand the author’s will, nor let go what he whispered. so simple way of expressing your feelings but do deep and profound it become..i wanted to nurture that feelings, the beautiful feelings i found..i did, yes i did, but my service was shortlived. im sorry i have to end becoz pursuing will just meant much love & cares but i have to go because i was getting married soon..i know it was painful for you, that was i thought..but later on that pain is mine, and never was..still burning and nothing can turnoff..that whispers of love you made was i the air but it stay in my heart forever..wherever you are now, i never go away from you. because we are one. thank you for that love, thank you for understanding why i left you and thank you for keeping me in your heart too..we’ll see each other in nowhere..the best place we can have…thank you mr. love


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