Tears of Pain

June 27, 2011

Dear Monica,

I don’t know how to start this letter; I have so much emotion in my heart. I never thought this would happen, never thought that it would be over, that we would say our last goodbye.

I want you to know that you will always be in my heart. The times we spent together I will carry forever deep in my soul in the hope that one day we will meet again and still feel this incredible, untouchable, everlasting love for each other.

The choices I have to make are hard and this decision is one that no one should have to make – the choice between family and the one I love. How? Why is this so?

I leave you with this final thought … one day we will meet again under a blanket of light and purity. Our love will shine again once more and we will be free to fly away … forever.

Goodbye, my love. God bless you.

Love always,


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