One chance

June 28, 2011

My Dear Garima,
If you only gave me a chance, i’d show you how much i care, i’d make our love really last,
but deep down inside i know the one you want is the one that hurt you, the one that broke your heart.
Maybe you’re confused, frustrated too, about the one to choose, but it’s obvious for you.
Maybe you’re afraid to be in love again, maybe you don’t want what happened back then.
But all i have for you in my heart is love.

The fighting, the screaming, the cursing? None of the above.
Why can’t you see it, Why can’t you feel it? just look into my eyes and tell me you believe it.
The love i have for you is so honest and true, but I only wish I knew why you do those things you do.
Why do you shut me down, why do you turn me away? As much as i love you I can’t go through this each day.
I’ll never make you cry, I’ll never leave your side, I’ll always be there to wipe that teardrop from your eye.
Just give me the chance and i’ll make your dreams come true. Let me be the one to make your love feel true.
Every moment we share I’ll try to show you how much I care, because deep down inside I’m really nothing
if you’re not there..


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