Do We Have A Chance

Dear Simon,

This is the final letter I’ll ever send you; I never knew love till I met you. You came into my life through a dating site on the net, and I’ll never forget that night when we met. I wouldn’t change how we met for the world; we shared our hopes and dreams for the future. I just pray when you have read this letter it touches your heart and restarts what we had before. I love you and want to be with you; I want so much for us to have the best life together, I just wish I was part of it.

If only you knew how your absence has affected me, you would have never tossed me aside like you have. To have given me so much in the beginning, made so many promises – you would’ve never let me down. To cut me out of your life in such a manner is not only cruel but you have decided my fate by coming into my life giving me something wonderful and letting me believe in us, only to destroy it and take it away. You are always telling me you hate letting me down but if you did, why do you constantly keep letting it happen again and again?

We rarely see each other to spend any sort of time together. What has gone wrong? Do you want me to be your future? Will you give this relationship the attention it so desperately deserves? How can a relationship survive if there is only one person doing the work of two? I only ever feel close to you when we make love, even that side of the relationship is suffering. I’m not sure I can go on anymore the way things have been; I will let you go if I have to, move on and hope one day to meet someone who will show me love and attention the way I deserve to be shown, I just want you to have one more try. God, how I love you.


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