Love I Never Had

June 27, 2011

Dear John,

Looking back on our time together still brings me to tears. I withdraw into those moments we had which were so consumed with passion, and so full of promise. If I could go back and re-live each of those precious moments with you I would certainly do it. Even knowing the pain I would face when the time came to walk away.
I know my feelings for you were, and still are, feelings of love unlike anything I have ever known. My fear is that I’ll never again feel that racing heart, those butterflies in my stomach, and the fireworks that always erupted when we made love. Only time holds the circumstances that will either confirm, or dash my fears.
John, I’ve also had to accept the fact that all that I felt was one sided. I loved you and I have no regrets about that. You are a wonderful man. And you were always very honest with me. Never once did you lead me on, or allow me to believe something that wasn’t true. You always made me face reality and deal with life. How do you say thank you for something like that? Loving you has made me a better person. I know I never actually had you, but the memories I have for you are treasures that I will NEVER let go. You really are the greatest love I never had.

Expressingly yours,


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