June 27, 2011

Dear John,

Some days you feel so distant, and that’s when I feel the most confused; I feel as though we aren’t even together. Though you’ve talked about forever and you say you love me, what do those words really mean to you? To me there is no definition, no meaning that has value of words, and I think are you being true. Can I really rely on you? Though you’ve hurt me many times before, I’ve always found it in my heart to forgive. Forgive the pain and see through the tears. So, I wonder what is the true meaning of our love, or is there really a meaning; and I can’t help but to ask myself the same questions time and time again. So where does the line between love and hate fall in this relationship? Where’s the space between good and the bad, the truth and the lies? Sometimes I just want to give up on us. But how can I do this; give up on you, when you still have my heart in chains, when you still have your arms around me, around my soul. I plead to go, but still I love you. Sometimes I think I will always love you, and that makes me cry.

Love Always,


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