June 27, 2011

Hi P:
I really don’t know how I could bring myself together to write this letter soaked in tears of pain. I write this to u with an insipid languor resulting from the removal of all passions from the mind.
Love…no other word in all the lexicons existent in the world can match this quartet of letters, leave alone superseding or supplanting it! My love for you is infinite and unconditional, the essence of which can be perceived only by the heart which is resplendent with purity and sacrifice. If it were to be only the other form of raw passion and lust, love would not have been the all-consuming and emotionally cleansing, divine experience that it always is! This in brief is the gist of what life has taught me after losing you, your love.
I loved u from the deepest of my hearts only to be left heart-broken! I loved you with all sincerity anticipating a favourable reciprocation only to learn that your coldness has left a deep void in my heart which bleeds unceasingly. Unable to bear the purgatory of lost love, I wept bitterly and prayed God to bless me with your love…but the answer was muted silence! I writhed in pain till every nerve in the body became enervated and I finally decided to bury the memories in the sands of time and move ahead. But every time when the eyes visualize a demure little damsel, I see u vividly just as I would see you when we are together. Every time I see a happy couple whizzing away in frolic, my poor heart throbs with the pleasurable sensations of first love but immediately regains cognizance and beseeches God not to make lovers experience the terrible pangs of separation.
I bless you my love, wherever you are and may you not remember me for anything for, if you do, I shall not live!


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