The Hardest Thing To Do …

June 26, 2011

Dear Lisa,

It has almost been one and a half years since I had the honor of holding you in my arms and it has been one and a half years since we have looked into each other’s eyes and said that I love you.
What started out as a sincere friendship turned into a strong bond between two lovers who found out the true meaning of love the hard way. The journey seems so long sometimes and at the same time it seems short. To me it feels like time is purposely bending and stretching itself so that it can play its part in making us feel the joy and pain of what it is truly to be in a long distance relationship. All I know is that throughout this while, I have learned a lot from this love and I have seen what it is like to give yourself completely to the other person when you’re so far apart. The most important thing I learn among many more things was to trust and to be faithful to the one you love.
I just got done chatting with you on the internet and you just called me to say goodbye and goodnight, but in my heart I did not want to do that. I wish that time has frozen that minute before we have to say those words and how I can enjoy every single moment with you, with me always talking about all of the things we like and dislike. You just told me that you liked the lollipop that your brother bought for you and you had asked me which kind I like too. I really wish I could have been there to enjoy it with you, Baby. I want to tell you, Baby, that I have never felt so much emotion inside me when you’re loving me the way you do.
I am sitting here in my room and writing this love letter hoping you will get to read it when youu come back from work later and in case you are going online; but if not then I know that this letter will reach you sooner or later. I am listening to some loves songs that I have burned into the CD. Although I don’t understand the words because the songs are in Chinese, but I know that it is about love and that I like it a lot. Just like love, I really don’t understand how it works but all I know is that the love I have for you is just like the Chinese songs I am listening to now. It really sounds so nice to me but I don’t know what it means. I know that my life is much happier when you’re around me and that my life is filled with songs.
Baby I want to let you know that I am so in love with you and I have been through a lot in this relationship and that I promise you that I will do my best in making you feel so in love and so secure with me even though there are thousands of miles between us.
Thank you for making my life so much more meaningful and giving me this chance to show you what love means to me. I know that I am suppose to go to sleep soon but there is so much I want to tell you and there is so much I want to experience with you, Baby. Every time I have to be away from you is the hardest thing for me to do because that is like giving up a part of your life which means so much to me.
I have built my world around you, Baby and I really like the world that we have built together. I always want to stay in that world and never want to come back to reality and I hope that you feel the same way too, Baby.
So, now is the hardest part for me to do again, I have to say goodbye and goodnight, Baby, because I need to go to sleep soon. But I know that as soon as I close my eyes I will be with you there and it makes me so happy again, Baby. I love you so much with all of my heart and I want to let you know that I really miss you so much. So please take care, Baby, and have a nice day. May you feel the part of me wanting to be with you now and may I have the honor to touch your heart and let you feel my love. Take care and I love you.

Love Always,


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