Sorry i changed you

June 30, 2011

Dear Mike,
I’ts been almost five years and its time for us to part ways. The day i met you, you stood out as the nicest person i had ever met in my life, your passion for life, people around you and the ones you love made me fall madly in love with you. Throughout the years i wasnt a perfect girlfriend i made many mistakes and took advantage of your noble and loving heart.
After 4 years of being together i asked for a break to find myself and prepare myself for a future with you. I never thought that the break would hurt you so much that made you change completely.
Everyday i wake up i regret my decision. You came back to me a completely different person…cold, heartless, and bitter. You tell me you want to marry me and that you live for me, but i dont feel the same anymore because you arent the mike i fell in love with. You dont kiss me and hug me like you used to, you dont do the little things that made me feel like a queen, you dont care if im happy you just care that im there, you judge me daily for the mistakes ive made in the past and dont care that i have completely devoted my life to you since we got back together. You’ve taken me for granted for 6 months and you finally broke me enough to say goodbye. Im sorry for that rainy september night i told you i needed space, im sorry.


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