I LOVE YOU!!! Celso Leija Jr.

June 24, 2011

Gordis and Flaco
after everything we been through im thankful to god that we still stick together. Drama after drama our love is way stronger than anything in the world thats why we still stand here together forever. Age aint nothing as everyone think its a bad thing but it aint because when your in love theres no boundaries at all right. Everytime im with you i seem to be the happiest girl in the world you treat me like a princess and your my prince. Babe its been a while i havent seen you because of whats going on with us about the whole law thing that we cant see each other for 2 years because of the difference of our age no matter what my feelings for you wont change at all. They think im going to forget about you but im not the more they keep me away from you the more and more i love you. Everything about you seems so perfect babe the way u talk, walk, kiss,touch, even when you get mad. I love you so much that i would do anything for you i know we were ment for eachother we are going to our 1st year together and we been through alot ups and downs but nothing could take us apart. My parents dont wanna see me with you i cant do nothing i cant go out because they think ima go meet you somewhere but you know what they are doing to me one day they are going to pay because life aint fair. But bet that when i turn 18 i will leave with that one person that makes me happy and whole oyu babe only you. Te amo mi flaquito i just cant see myself without you. you are my 1st and only man that could ever touch this lips, body, soul, mind, and heart. Everyday i come to school ur on my mind its hard to get focused because you in my thoughts all the time but just remember i will come back to you and no one and nothing could take us apart. we will get marry have our little family and survive we dont need money all we need is love and happiness dont worry about that cause we have plenty. My life belongs with you next to you and it will come true I love you Jr, with all my heart never doupt that everynite i cry myself to sleep because the tought of you not being with me when i need you the most kills me why cant they just let us be happy were crazy for eachother they dont know how we feel only us baby only us but who cares about them its us not us and them.Remember our love is strong and we can make it. I love you always forever and ever babe.

Love always
Your 1 and only Girl,
Jessica Perez
P.S soon to be ‘Leija’.


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