No Matter What …

June 30, 2011

Dear Jhan,

This letter is long overdue … so much has happened in these past few weeks, all the arguments and everything seems as if it’s happening because time runs by us and we don’t have much time with each other due to work & hectic days. I just wanted to tell you that no matter what has happened, I still love you with my entire heart, and I know that these misunderstandings don’t mean anything more than just arguing at that very moment. With all this, you seem to think I don’t love you anymore and I know I haven’t been showing it to you either. However, from this day on, I’m going to try harder to become a better person, and not be so adamant about everything, because last night I realized that you are the most important person in my life and that if I continue like this, I may just lose the love we share. Anyways, I’ll end now, with much love, trust and with confidence to become a better person from now onwards. I love you! Hugs & Kisses!

Love Always,


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