General Appeal Letter

June 16, 2011

Ms. Prema Koushika

K Pudur, Madurai

Tamil Nadu

May 27, 2010

Mr. Nikhat Malleshi


Madurai Scholarship Program

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Dear Mr. Malleshi,

I applied to your scholarship program last month and I would like to appeal for your reconsideration of my application.  I received your letter informing me that I was not accepted in the scholarship program because I lacked recommendation letters for my application.  I did have recommendation letters as stated in your requirements, but my resource persons informed me that they will send their recommendation letters directly to you.  I thought that this can be accepted by the selection committee.
I am very sorry for not understanding the instructions for your requirements.  However, I believe that I am qualified for your scholarship program and I have the credentials that you are looking for.  I sincerely hope that you would look into my case and still consider me for your scholarship program.

Thank you and I hope for your consideration.


Ms. Prema Koushika


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