Fax Farewell Letter

June 13, 2011

Ms. Deshna Kakkar

Shyam Nagar, Masab Tank


Ms. Gauna Johar

Shiv Bagh, Sanjeevareddy Nagar


Fax No#: 453678909

Dear Ms. Johar,

I send you this letter to formally bid you farewell.  I will be retiring from our company and as one of the individuals I have been closely dealing with for business affairs, I find it only proper to write a letter to you.  It has been a great ten years of meeting you and talking over business matters with you.  You are highly experienced and knowledeable about the business and it was always a pleasure for me to join you in meetings.  In all our business deals, there was never a problem as long as you were the one who closed the deals for your company.  You have also become a friend to me which is hard to find in the business world.  I learned a lot of helpful tips and practical information from you that have helped me do my job better.  May your career and family life continue to flourish and I wish you all the best.

Truly yours,

Deshna Kakkar



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