Fax Reference Letter

June 13, 2011

Prof. Pandhari Jha

Bhulabhai Deasi Road


Mr. Bhumi Gupta


Anthony School

Sadat Manzil, Ameerpet


Fax No#: 453678909

Dear Mr. Gupta,

With pride and honor, I would like to refer to you a student of mine who is applying as a student in your school’s graduate program.  I have been Ms. Gautami Iyer professor for two years and I can confidently vouch for her qualification for your program.  Ms. Iyer is an exceptional student.  In fact, I can say that she is the best in my class.  She regularly tops examinations and is actively participates in classroom discussions.  She is often chosen to be a leader among group work.  Aside from this, she is part of the student council and effectively fulfills her responsibilities.  This shows her capacity to manage her time well and to give priority to her studies.  She is of good character and is hard-working.  I believe that she will excel in your program if you give her a chance.


Pandhari Jha



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