Fax Leave Letter

June 13, 2011

Mr. Abhimani Gowda

Uma Nagar, Begumpet


Mr. Panini Kaul

Human Resources Officer

Noble Industries

Badi Chowdi


Fax No#: 453678909

Dear Mr. Kaul,

Please let this letter serve as a formal request for my leave of absence for one week starting tomorrow.  My son was the victim of a hit-and-run car accident yesterday and we had to rush him to the hospital.  He is currently in the intensive care unit and needs to undergo an important operation tomorrow.  My wife is out of the country for a business trip at the moment and I need to care for my son at the hospital 24 hours a day until she arrives.  I have already sent a letter and talked to my staff regarding the status of the work that I am supposed to finish.  They have assured me that they can finish the additional work load during my absence.  I can be reached through my mobile phone number in case I need to be contacted for anything regarding the work.  Thank you and I hope for your kind consideration.


Abhimani Gowda



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