Appeal Letter to Insurance Company

1st August, 2010

Niranjan Shah,

Vice President,

Health Insurance Company Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Niranjan,

I am writing you this letter regarding my Health Insurance Appeal as mentioned in my health insurance policy number 345 which I have purchased on November 22nd, 2009. Kindly find a copy of my attached active Health Insurance Policy for further consideration.

I will be admitted in Fortis Hospital in Mumbai on August 5th, 2010 for heart surgery for which the approximate claim would be 95,000 rupees which has to be paid by the Health Insurance Company Pvt Ltd before I get discharged from the hospital. You can please let me know about how to carry forward with the process further and also let me know about the documents required to finish the processing.

Please concur priority to the issue and send me the expected funds as prescribed in the norms or terms and regulations of the company. This would help me clear my dues as early as possible.

Please contact me at the hospital for any details.

Thanks and regards,

Swapna Jain.


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